Metabo Lift

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Seeking an alternative to semaglutide, Ozempic, or Wegovy? Metabo Lift offers a potent blend of highly purified polyphenols, sourced from plants, to support weight management, increase satiety, and control appetite.

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Made without Gluten, Soy, Dyes & Yeast


Are you seeking a natural alternative to semaglutide, Ozempic, or Wegovy for weight management?

Look no further than Metabo Lift – a potent, highly purified polyphenolic blend designed to support weight management, enhance satiety, and aid appetite control. Polyphenols, abundant in plants, boast numerous biological benefits, including regulating satiety and hunger hormones.

Metabo Lift delivers a precise combination of essential polyphenols, promoting sustained energy, optimized metabolism, healthy blood pressure, and overall cardiometabolic wellness. Say goodbye to synthetic options and embrace the power of nature with Metabo Lift today!

Suggested Uses

2 capsules 30 minutes before a meal once a day or as recommended by your health care professional. Results have been shown after 8 weeks of use.


Do not consume this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Exercise caution when using this product in conjunction with blood pressure medications (anti-hypertensives), as it has the potential to contribute to a reduction in blood pressure, possibly leading to hypotension when used together.

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  1. Ashlee Berends (verified owner)

    I have lost 4 lbs and 4 inches. This helped my blood sugar regulate during my cycle as well!

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