Gut Lift Protein Powder Formerly Inflamma Tame

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Elevate your wellness with Gut Lift Protein Powder! Your ally against inflammation and  your key to unlocking vibrant gut-centric wellness.

✔️ 19g of easily digestible protein

✔️ Soothing flax-based fiber

✔️ Essential amino acids: L-glutamine and glycine

Choose from 3 delicious flavors: Explore Recipes & start optimizing your wellness journey today!


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Introducing Gut Lift Protein Powder: Your Ultimate Solution for Combatting Chronic Inflammation and Nourishing Your Gut Health!

Product Overview

Gut Lift Protein is an expertly formulated dietary supplement designed to support the immune system, maintain a healthy inflammatory response, and fortify gastrointestinal health. This comprehensive formula features 19 grams of easily digestible brown rice protein per serving, along with a soothing, flax-based fiber blend. Rich in L-glutamine and glycine, Gut Lift Protein promotes mucosal cell regeneration and strengthens the intestinal barrier.

Flavors Available

  • Vanilla Chai
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Strawberry

Key Benefits

  • Supports Immune System: Bolsters your body’s natural defenses against environmental stressors.
  • Promotes Healthy Inflammation Response: Helps manage and maintain a healthy level of inflammation, aiding in recovery and comfort.
  • Enhances Gastrointestinal Health: Strengthens the gut barrier, supporting overall digestive health.

Unique Ingredients

  • Complete Turmeric Matrix: Utilizes the full spectrum of turmeric root compounds, enhancing bioavailability and digestive support without the need for synthetic additives.
  • Green Tea Extract (EGCg): A powerful antioxidant that supports cardiovascular health and helps maintain a balanced inflammatory response.
  • Arabinogalactan (from Larch Tree): Supports immune function and gut health by promoting beneficial gut flora.
  • Skullcap Root Extract: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and support of cardiovascular and respiratory health.
  • Quercetin: A flavonoid that stabilizes the intestinal barrier and modulates the immune response to maintain healthy inflammation levels.

Directions for Use:

Mix 2 scoops of Gut Lift Protein with 8-10 ounces of your preferred beverage to achieve desired consistency. Consume once daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Easy to drink in almond or coconut milk, water, or smoothies. Can add to yogurt for a delicious breakfast!

Recipes for ideas of how to use! 

Free From:

  • Gluten
  • Yeast
  • Artificial Colors and Flavors


Consult your healthcare provider before using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition. This product contains corn.


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Strawberry Rice Protein, Vanilla Chai Pea Protein, Chocolate Mint Rice Protein

7 reviews for Gut Lift Protein Powder Formerly Inflamma Tame

  1. Summer Peterson

    Ok, I’m so glad I STOPPED taking Whey protein powders and now take Gut Lift Protein Powder instead! I’ve read a lot of unfavorable things about whey and I think it was preventing me from losing weight. I LOVE Gut Lift! It’s so clean! My digestion is noticeably better now that I take it. Sometimes I drink it in my coffee. I’ve put it in Chia Pudding, smoothies or just heated it up with a little coconut milk and almond milk to make a Chai latte (Dr. Tabatha’s recipe). It’s super yummy and my new favorite way to meet my daily protein goals!

  2. Ashlee

    I’ve tried a lot of protein powders and this one not only helps me stay full longer it has helped with my bloating!

  3. Jackie (verified owner)

    I love the Gut Lift I’ve tried the chocolate mint and vanilla chai. I mix mine with almond milk. Sometimes I make the vanilla one and mix with coffee for my morning meal! So good! I haven’t tried mixing with yogurt but excited to try it in a bowl with granola and fruit I’ve heard there are so many more ways to use it so looking forward to trying new recipes!

  4. Amy S. Brown

    I’ve never liked protein powders due to their taste, but I love all three flavors of Gut Lift Protein Powder. In the winter I love the vanilla chai warmed up with a nut-based milk and for summer, I use a couple of frozen strawberries and spinach with the strawberry powder. So good!

  5. Bridget Gross (verified owner)

    I love this protein! The Chai is delicious and has a sweet taste. I use it in my shake bowls, smoothies or sometimes just blend it with coconut or almond milk. Really fills me up and helps with inflammation!

  6. Abbey Davis (verified owner)

    When I started working with Dr Tabatha and learned that I had some pretty intense stuff happening in my gut. I started a gut healing regimen and noticed that this in particular was very soothing to my stomach/disgestive system. It has been part of my breakfast for several months now and I love it. Tastes delicious and can’t live without it.

  7. Megan (verified owner)

    I’m obsessed with the Vanilla Chai gut lift.
    It tastes so good. I bake in into my keto waffles in the morning and it’s delicious. I stay full all day and feel great.

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